Mike Manganillo Networking


Recently unemployed, Mike Manganillo needed to build his networking reach


LinkedIn is the most social/influential networking site today. A majority of users publish articles that go unread and don’t attract an audience


Create a “buzzworthy” article that would demonstrate my skills while increasing my visibility for a potential job. So I published an article titled “Why Netflix will become the next Blockbuster” on January 26th, 2016.

Media: Social, Blogger

This was simple, I was going to use the power of good content on a social site (Linkedin) to increase my reach


In one week the article was viewed by over 1,000 people, shared by 14, and had over 100 comments/likes. My profile views were up 2,000% from the prior week. And I had CEO’s, President’s and VP’s all comment on my article.