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Sherwin-Williams Color Chips


With almost 4,000 stores nationwide, Sherwin-Williams had become an indispensable resource for painting contractors. But consumers considered it to be little more than a pricey and inconvenient alternative to big box stores.


For homeowners, the most daunting factor in any painting project is choosing the color. Choose wisely and you get a beautiful room to enjoy for months and years to come. Choose foolishly and you get to live with the disaster or start over.

All they really wanted was more color confidence.


A campaign that repositioned Sherwin-Williams as the color expert – the one paint company that has a mastery of “color” as well as helpful resources that make it easier to find the color that’s right for you.

Media: Digital, Mobile, Video, Social, Influencers

Our challenge was to get our message in front of DIYers while facing competitors who outspend us 100:1 and have 8MM more monthly visitors to their websites.  Rather than just expose people to ads, we focused on driving interactivity and trial of the color tools across multiple platforms and devices. This is critical to their business because they’ve seen a strong correlation between exposure and interaction with color chips and sales.  We used the following tactics:

  • Blogger Outreach – We closely with top Mom, Design and DIY bloggers to create custom programs using the color tools in ways that add value for their loyal readers
  • Mobile – We drive downloads of SherwinWilliams Color Snap app by using a mix of interactive mobile display and in-app display ads
  • Social – We have effectively used paid media on Facebook & Twitter to strategically grow Sherwin-Williams fan base. Our efforts have led to organic growth and higher engagement with the brand’s content across both channels
  • Video – Our use of a mix of premium and network partners (in-banner and pre-roll) allows us to increase the reach of TV spots and custom online videos in higher recall environments
  • Display – For broader scale among DIYers, we also integrate color tools into standard, rich and iab. rising star unit

Thanks to a keen consumer insight, stellar creative execution, and stand-out media placements, Sherwin-Williams saw DIY sales increase by 9.6% and total sales increase by and 8.2%.  Also, Sherwin-Williams CPA has gone down by over 50% from 2009 and Action rates have increased over the past four years.

Sherwin-Williams Color Chips